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This is an integration plugin that allows all IntelliJ users to access their Team Fundation Server.

Supported Functions

• Check-in files and directories
• Check-out files and directories
• Undo Changes
• Add files and folders
• Compare versions
• Show history
• Run Visual Studio 9.0
• Get latest version

Non-Supported Functions

• Add labels: absolutely possible to get working.
• Delete: hard to get to work because you will have to get rid of the local file too, not just the file on TFS.
• Share files: I have no idea what it’s used for so I don’t now how much work it is.
• Properties: I have no idea what it’s used for so I don’t now how much work it is.
• Move: I have no idea what it’s used for so I don’t now how much work it is.
• Rename: I don’t know how much work it is but I think it’s possible.


Go to the folder where your IntelliJ is installed. There you will find a folder named "plugins".
In that folder you should create a new folder called, for example “TFS”.
The name isn’t important so you could name it whatever you want.
In that folder create a new folder called “lib” it’s important that this folder is named “lib” because
IntelliJ won’t find it otherwise. Place the files “resourcesen.jar” and “TFSplugin_.jar” in the lib folder.
Now you can start IntelliJ you will find the plug in under file>settings>version control.


In the dropdown box under VCS you will now be able to find Team Foundation Server
chose that option and click “Configure VCS…” in the text field specify where your tf.exe is.
Usually it’s placed in your Visual Studio 9.0 folder then under Common7>IDE you will be able to find it.
When you have specified where tf.exe is you can click ok. Now click on “Edit”.
In the Directory text field specify where you have your project files on your hard drive.
Then specify your TFS project. Don’t forget that the path to the TFS project should start with “$/”.


I probobly won't develope this anymore so feel free to download and edit the source code if you find bugs or missing functions
If you do this please Email me and i will upload your release on this page.

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